Artwork Management

Marketing teams and agencies are often presented a challenge with the artwork lifecycle process. Timely compliance and design approvals from various stakeholders, version control, comparing artworks instantaneously are challenges faced by organizations.

KURATE Artwork Management is the preferred automated workflow platform of Consumer-Packaged Goods, Pharmaceutical and Financial companies. Complex workflows can be easily managed and audited against KPIs.


Faster delivery of projects by Controlled Automated Workflows


Reduction of errors and delays by improved collaboration


Improve team productivity

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Setup deadlines at different stages of a project with the due date manager.

Create approval workflows for the collection of feedback and comments from stakeholders.

Share artworks with internal and external teams via email and send it straight to their inbox.

Build a secure digital bank for all your artworks

Maintain multiple version. A complete audit trail on all project related aspects and versions.

Compare two artworks together to ensure compliance with requested changes.

Build or create customized integrations with third party applications.

Use the platform on a per user basis. Subscribe to our cloud plans for artwork storage.

Find your artwork files in the archive as the files are tracked, labelled without deletion along with taxonomy

Build meta-descriptions to locate your artworks with field names and field types you want to consider

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Complex Workflows

Can map any workflow however complex. Allows accommodates customizations.

Highly Secure

Allows proofing encryption with approvals and data encryption before it's transferred.

Go to Market Faster

Optimized workflows lead to time and cost efficiency resulting in speedier time to market

Powerful Automation Engine

Define rules, alerts, journeys, labels for your digital artworks based on your preferences.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting

Regulate artwork files efficiently with audit or performance review

Hassle-Free Reviews

Previewing files attached is possible with giving inputs or notes to specific artwork file directly for regulating artwork file changes. Save time

Faster Approvals from Stakeholders

Enables the request for approvals from external stakeholders without logging along with previews, upload or download files and other benefits

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