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Genuus Marketing Cloud


Single Console

Manage all your digital marketing arsenal from a central console.

Content Delivery

Publish content on Social Media, run Google AdWords.

Lead Management

Track leads from your web sites and build a sales pipeline.

ROI Driven Email Marketing

Create Emailers, Schedule Email Campaigns and Progressively profile your target audience.

SEO Social Listening

Determine SEO performance. Capture who's talking about your brand online.

Analytics Amplified

Google, Facebook, YouTube analytics, the works!

Pre-launch Testing

A/B test your digital marketing campaigns. Target the right audience with the right content.


Integrate with your own CRM and third-party applications.

Genuus Marketing Cloud


Gain control of your digital marketing activities

Reduce dependencies of external resources. Execute personalized campaigns across multiple channels, monitor digital media spends and measure results.

Break team silos and improve productivity

Break team silos and improve productivity DMPM automates routine tasks and saves time. Create campaign calendars and collaborate with team members.

Decisions based on behaviour

DMPM provides analytics that help maintain a focus on important Key Performance Indicators

SaaS based Pricing

DMPM is based on open automation allowing integration of existing third-party applications. We can integrate what is already available with you. Our SaaS based model is light on your pocket.

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Genuus Marketing Cloud


Genuus Marketing Cloud
Genuus Marketing Cloud

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Genuus Marketing Cloud
Genuus Marketing Cloud